Thursday, June 28, 2007

Why a blog?

For the past 39 years, CUF has used all the available means of social communication to communicate the truth of the Gospel—from magazines, tracts, and newspapers, to radio and television, to toll-free helplines and websites, to books and audios.

Of special note would be our award-winning magazine for today’s Catholic men and women Lay Witness (; our critically acclaimed Faith and Life elementary catechism series (; our “Faith Facts” tract service, question and answer service, and toll-free membership helpline (; and Emmaus Road Publishing, through which we publish life-changing Bible studies and other dynamic Catholic books (

Through these and other services we have reached, and continue to reach, tens of thousands of people each year with the life-changing teachings of Jesus Christ and His Church. Even so, we recognize that we will miss more people than we reach if we don’t make it a point to go where the people are. And today more people than ever look to the Internet as their principal source of information, a source that is quick and interactive.

And so now, while maintaining our other outreaches, we’re making a special effort to reach out to a new, Internet-savvy generation (that means you!) with the timely and timeless truths of the Catholic faith. We see this blog, as well as the ongoing improvements of and, as just the first baby steps we need to take in this effort.